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[Mediheal] Pepta Lifting Ampoule Mask 20ml x 1ea

[Mediheal] Pepta Lifting Ampoule Mask 20ml x 1ea

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Mediheal's rocket solution takes care of different skin concerns every day. Let them sleep, fill them up, and hold them solid!

*Fast absorption into skinny sheets * *Skin Gomin Star Research Recipe

-When calming is required: Double-caming water mask -When Water is Required: Hyalu Moist Essence Mask -When Elasticity is Required: Peptide Lifting Ample Mask 

How to use

Take the mask out of the bag, unfold and apply on the face in accordance with the slits. Use your fingers to expel any air bubbles and let the tissue sit for 15 minutes. Then remove the product and rub the remaining liquid into the skin.

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